Community Development Alternatives Inc.

Community Development Alternatives, Inc

Our Programs



 Community Development Alternatives offers an option for people in housing need. CDA uses revolving loan funds – money paid back from housing assistance loans – to help residents with the greatest need, and for which traditional assistance program funds may be unavailable.  More about Housing...

Public Facilities


  CDA has helped many communities in SW Wisconsin develop strategies to address necessary or state-mandated infrastructure improvements or economic needs without severely impacting the community’s financial health or its tax payers. CDA uses an innovative approach that combines many available resources, including state, federal, and private. More about Public Facilities...

Economic Development


At Community Development Alternatives, we focus our energies on serving small rural communities that have many of the same problems as big cities, but fewer resources to address them. The shortage of affordable housing, the funding of rural schools, the maintenance of critical infrastructure, and the creation of employment opportunities; all remain significant challenges facing rural communities. CDA stands ready to help. More about Economic Development..




The Crawford County Tourism Council continues its mission of promoting Crawford County through its partnerships. The CCTC focuses on promoting outdoor recreational opportunities in Crawford County, including the distribution of the Outdoor Go To Guide, featuring information on hiking, biking, fishing, boating, birding, and camping. 

Disaster and Flood Relief



When disaster hits, communities have all they can handle in day to day survival. CDA can help with long-term recovery. CDA has assisted communities in Southwest Wisconsin submitting grants to CDBG – Emergency Assistance, FEMA, and DNR for flood relief. Grant application efforts are ongoing and are awarded based on need. 

Umbrella Projects



As a 501c3 non-profit organization, Community Development Alternatives serves as the financial arm for regional organizations and efforts that strive to make Southwest Wisconsin more economically viable for residents and more appealing to visitors. See photos of our projects here. Those organizations include: